Fitness Profiling

What is it?

This product is intended to be used by athletes wanting a full profile of their current fitness and performance levels. After analysing your current fitness levels, we take you through some advanced power testing protocols to establish where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The fitness profile report will give you the following information:

  • Rider type: are you a sprinter, pursuiter, all-rounder or a TTer or a mixture?
  • VO2 max estimate (accurate to 1-2%)
  • Current fitness and stamina levels
  • FTP level, this will also tell you how long you can hold your FTP for.
  • Current training load and trend levels
  • Power training zones – based on your current performance level
  • Current polarised training levels – do you do a lot of slow steady work or HIT work or a bit of both?
  • Full power profile – where do you fit compared with other riders, including world class level?
  • Strengths & weaknesses, what are you good at, where do you need to work?
  • Full analysis based on your future goals and recommendations for the type of training you need to be doing to reach those goals.

What do I do with it?

If you’ve never had a fitness profile before, it’s very useful to know where you stand as an athlete in the grand scheme of things. If you’re an experienced competitor but just require some direction with training, the fitness profile can be used for that on a semi-regular basis in a consulting type fashion.

Who is it suitable for?

Fitness profiling can be used by any athlete, although it has been designed for athletes training with power.

It is mostly intended for those that are self-coached who either don’t need a full time coach or would benefit from some expert analysis and direction.

How much does it cost?