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Eblens Subaru SDVLCC Race Results

Sunday saw the final race for the Eblens Subaru Sprint Series of races, after three rounds it was close battle for the top points scorers across the grades. The race is won by accumulating points from the sprints on each lap. Yesterday we had a few athletes resting but others were on form and in line to take a top 10 place in the series.

Overall Series Placers
Colin 5th overall
Greg 7th overall

Overall Series Points and places
Colin 5th
Greg 7th
Steve 15th
Georg 16th
Stuart 24th
Phil 29th
Dave 36th
Michelle 37th

Rd 3 Results
Phil 3rd A grade
Steve 1st C grade
Georg 2nd C grade
Stuart 3rd D grade
Colin 1st E grade

Rd 2 Results
Dave 3rd A grade
Coach Phil 4th A grade
Graham 5h A grade
Richard 6th A grade
Georg 1st C grade
Steve 5th C grade
Stuart 5th D grade
Colin 1st E grade
Greg 2nd E grade

Rd 1 Results
Dave 4th A grade
Graham 5th A grade
Phil F 6th A grade
Steve 4th C grade
Stuart 3rd D grade
Greg 1st E grade
Michelle 3rd E grade