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ADX Depot Tour Goowla – Race Report

We’ve been a bit quiet with racing updates of late whilst athletes have been busy training for their A priority race including coach Michelle.

A tour of this nature is always going to be challenging as it’s not often we get the opportunity to race a team in the world of amateur cycling, most of the time it’s an individual race so being given the opportunity to race for your team is a great challenge both mentally and physically. We started training many of our athletes for this event as early as December, having had athletes do the event we have a lot of data to help prepare them and history of knowing what works and what doesn’t. We had 14 athletes racing across four divisions and on nine different teams with great results by many. The racing was hard and very challenging but all athletes should be proud of their achievements.

Division 1 Results
Jarrod’s team Bicycle Express 1 placed first in the TTT stage 1 this team also were the first place team overall in division 1
Dave and Graham in ADX Depot 1 were 2nd in the TTT and Dave placed 2nd on stage 4 with a blistering time of 9.46. Dave finished 8th on GC and Graham was 9th

Division 2A Results
Keith, David and Richard won Stage 1 the TTT in ADX Depot 2 and placed 2nd overall team. Individual GC David 7th, Richard 8th and Keith 15th
Phil F team placed 4th overall, on GC he placed 21st overall

Division 3A Results
Stuart’s team Power On 1 rode exceptionally well and claimed 1st overall and Stuart managed a great 7th overall on GC

Division 3B Results
Georg’s team claimed 2nd team overall with ADX Depot 3 and he finished 7th in GC
Steve B team claimed 3rd overall with his team A Metre Matters, individually Steve was 4th overall on GC, after placing 2nd on stage 3 and on stage 4
Steve S team claimed 5th overall with Steve 18th overall

Division 4 Results
Michelle and Colin’s team placed 3rd overall in their team ADX Depot 4. They placed 3rd in Stage 1 and Colin managed to get 2nd place in Stage 2 and 4th in Stage 4. Giving Colin 4th overall on GC, Michelle finishing in 16th overall
Greg’s team placed 4th overall in his team Chowwego with a 6th place in stage 2 finishing 10th on GC overall

Full results can be found here




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State and Club Criterium results and Interstate results

Sunday 28th January Andrew was racing A grade at a local club race with a stacked field of strong riders. He managed to claim 4th place
(Standing on wrong side of podium)

Sunday 4th February was the South Australia Masters Association State Criterium Championships and respective club Championships
We had several athletes racing across the age groups.

Stand out result was from Matt who claimed the Gold and became the State Champion in the M3 group in a stacked field. The final sprint was only split by .156 across the first 5 riders, see full state results here. Matt has been racing Crits all summer and pulled a win in B grade earlier in the week too.
Coach Michelle claimed the Gold and the State Championship in WM2 category but sadly was the only one in her age group but still had an impressive avg speed 36.7kmph for whole race.

It was also the club championships and in our clubs we had some great results across the age groups also

Matt Gold M3 SDVLCC
Phil Silver M3 SDVLCC
along with Richard and Keith VLCC

Phil F had a crash in M4 but is okay

Georg M5 Bronze SDVLCC
along with Colin

Michelle WM2 Gold SDLCC

Full club results can be found here  for SDVLCC