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February Update

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Welcome to our look back at what everyone has been up to in February. It’s been a huge month for most of our athletes racing their major event.

We’ve also been busy creating a promotional polo shirt for athletes. If you would like one to help us promote our business please get in touch here, this is the design Polo Shirt PA

If you use the Zwift platform, we’ve been busy creating our workouts on Zwift, these can be used in conjunction with any of our training plans. Contact us if you want to find out more about our training plans and the Zwift platform.

You may have wondered what happened to Sophie at Junior Track Nationals –  well she delivered and came away with Silver Individual Pursuit, Silver in the Team Pursuit and countless top five placings for other events so proud we could be part of her journey  – great work Sophie!

Tracey Green Athlete Profile


How long have you been riding for?
I started cycling as a teenager as a form of cross training to help with fitness
when I was competing in Fencing. Wanting to do more I was the only one
the family that was constantly active and the thought of me being let loose on a bike in Sydney scared the hell out of my parents. Over the years the bike would move from being a clothes horse back to forming part of my training for fencing. When I moved to Melbourne I met people that liked doing endurance rides so I regularly found myself doing 100km plus rides and it was here I started to learn how to ride in small groups. It wasn’t until I moved to Adelaide that my cycling went from being something that formed part of my training for fencing to focusing my energy into just cycling which was around 2009/ 10 when I hung up the fencing kit.

What do you race?
Only really racing for the last 14 months I had no idea what was right for me. I started off with Sportif team races, the Skinny Lattes series but more recently have enjoyed racing Criteriums, Cyclocross and shorter road races.

How many hours a week do you train on and off bike?
It always depends on what we are focusing on at the time but on average it will be 10/12 hours a week.

What was your toughest/memorable race?
My toughest race was my first criterium race with team Envirosport in Kadina as part of the Womens Focus series. The caliber of cyclists included SASI riders and world class elite athletes such as Carlee Taylor . Never realizing before starting how hard it would be, I just remember starting the race and soon into it someone from another team saw me struggling and yelled advise on how to handle the sharp corners on the course. At first I thought what the hell but was so grateful of the small amount of advice as I was completely out of my league. My first race of the series lasted a whole of 11 mins which looking back now was the turning point in my racing. This was the rocket that I needed to help me separate my self from one level to the next.

What are your big goals for 2016
This year’s focus is different to last years as I have learnt so much about my own capabilities on the bike through my training. After finishing the Women’s Focus series in January we sat down as a team and evaluated the things I love doing and wanted to improve on. Coming up with this year hit list to focus on shorter distance races such as Criteriums, Short Road races, Cyclocross national series and for the first time Track.

Do you enjoy being coached and the benefits you’ve seen?
I love being coached, when I first started I had a very specific goal of getting ready for the Tour of New Zealand which was a 7-day event. In a very short time I learnt so much about me as a cyclist, training techniques and nutrition. I had hit an absolute high leading into the event, I was the fittest I had been in years and felt great. When I finished the challenge I took a break and learnt the hard way that all your good work can be lost so quickly. Having trained for years with Fencing I always knew there are highs and lows of any sport. What I found so important and one of Pedal Actions best attribute was that stability of someone to turn to and talk to about your training and how you were feeling.

It took me time to understand my own abilities on the bike and the things I liked most which can sometimes be hard to do when you are so focused on the results of your program. This is where the benefits of having a coach that is involved with you program, offering support, keeping you focused on the goals you have set and being able to lean on them for support and guidance. I am now heading into my second year of being coached and love the structure that the program gives, I have enjoyed the constant improvement in my fitness. The only reason I wouldn’t be on a program is if I had quit cycling and that isn’t happening anytime soon.

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Results Re-cap

Tuesday 2nd Feburary
Norwood Club Criterium

Tracey Green 1st Female – D Grade and in top 10
Tracy J 2nd Female – E grade

Sunday 7th Feburary
SDVLCC Club Criterium Championships

Uwe 1st   –   Masters 5
Georg 2nd – Masters 5
Matt C 4th – Masters 3
Port Adelaide Cycling Club Cycle Closet sponsored ITT
Staci managed a huge PR by a huge 3 minutes

Sunday 14th February
SAMCA State Crit Champs
Jarrod Gold – Masters 1
Uwe Silver – Masters 5
Georg 4th – Masters 5

Sunday 21st February
SDVLCC Eblen Subaru Rd 1
Phil A grade – 1st in the series
Graham A grade  – 2nd in the series
Georg B grade – 3rd in the series

27th & 28th Feburary
AHVLCC Tour of Goowla
Phil & Graham’s Team Division two overall team win
Phil placed 6th
Graham 9th
Dave D’s Team Division three overall team win
Dave individual general classification win
Jarrod A grade – 3rd
Hayley T’s Team division three 4th

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