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January Update

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We are well into 2016 and athletes are well into their training plans, aiming for their immediate goals and training hard with target races and events coming around very soon.

Shared this post earlier this month from the Office of Sport and Recreation and think it is very true..
Believe in yourself too, together we make a great team! 10632581_1706114522935897_5153505452745760227_n

Athletes come and go all the time and whilst we are thankful for our core athletes we appreciate that sometimes life changes and for one of our juniors, it was time for her to step up to Junior State Development squad ready for her to compete at Nationals track championships in February – Good Luck Sophie
(Pictured 3rd here)

Georg Thierry Athlete Profile


This months athlete profile who has been very successful under our coaching guidance for approximately 12 months 

1. How long have you been riding for? What do you race?
I first started racing triathlons in the mid 90’s after a long rowing career. This progressed onto road racing a couple of years later. The racing scene in Zimbabwe wasn’t anything like here, we had about 30 active members, but there was still the yearly ‘fun’ ride attracting 200+ casual riders. There was the summer racing season with 10-15 races, then nothing for the rest of the year. My 1st racer was an ex shop team steel (Reynolds 531) 10 speed which served me well for 6 years. Been though a few bikes since then, till the current all singing all dancing carbon offering. I’ve only ever raced road, too scared to dodge all the trees and rocks in the bush! I’d consider myself an a good all-rounder with a leaning towards a sprinter. As such, I enjoy crits and road races, but TT is not my thing!

2. How many hours a week do you train on and off bike?
The current plan sees me doing 10-12 hours a week on the bike and 1-2hrs doing workouts off-bike – although these are a bit sporadic in summer!. I do the odd session on the rowing ergo trainer, as I find this gives me a good full-body workout and is a welcome break from the bike.

3. What was your toughest/memorable race?
Prior to coming over here, the highlight of the racing year was the Cape Argus cycle race in Cape Town. This is a massive event attacting 35000 riders. In 1999, my last attempt, I was entered into the B group (there are groups all the way to Z!). Just outside the city there’s the first climb and the group was split. The chase and subsequent regroup down the far side and along the motorway was one of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. The overall pace was high – 37.5kph for 105k, and I was toast at the end. I finished 505th overall.

4. What are your big goals for 2016?
Undoubtedly, the UCI World Tour in WA this year is the major objective. Training through winter is going to be challenging, but we made it last year for Lorne, the qualifier, so we know what to expect. It’s a 140k race against some of the worlds best masters riders, so will be new ground for both riders and coach. On the local scene, there’s Tour of Goolwa coming up soon, a demanding 2 day 4 stage event. When there’s a long term goal to aim for, some of the club racing has to be sacrificed as it does not always fall into the plan so one has to be a bit picky on which events to go for.

5. Do you enjoy being coached and the benefits you’ve seen?
Coaching has brought structure to my training. Prior to joining Pedal Action, I would follow a loose plan. I had a rough idea what was needed, as I had some excellent mentoring from an olympic cyclist back in Zimbabwe, but it was difficult to stick to any proper pattern. I would find myself self-assessing my fitness depending on how I felt at the time and this would result in rather inconsistent patterns of training. It was difficult to know when I was really fatigued, or just having an off day. Pedal Action has brought an important factor onto the scene, power data. This enables training to be customised to my actual abilities with more precision. Importantly, the training load can now be carefully planned to avoid overtraining. The first evidence of this was last years Wolf Harder race. I had failed miserably to even finish this demanding race 3 time previously. I asked Pedal Action to put me on a 6 week plan as a trial. The result.. 1st place (oh, and a KOM on the last uphill sprint section at Macclesfield)! Since then I’ve progressed from the occasional C grade win to a strong contender in B grade. Training is never easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.


Results Re-cap

Sunday 3rd January SDVLCC HCP
January’s first local race saw a return to road racing for coach Michelle finishing in 5th in Div 2.

Tuesday 5th January Norwood CC Criterium
Tracey G 1st E grade
Tracy J 2nd E grade

Saturday 9th January
Hayley rode the Gran Fondo Ballaret Gran Fondo claiming the female KOM


Sunday 10th January
SDVLCC Two stage Race
Graham 1st – A grade
Uwe 2nd – A grade
Michelle Equal 3rd – G grade


Sunday 17th Janurary
Phil 1st – A grade
Graham 2nd – A grade
Georg 1st – B grade

Sunday 24th January
Uwe 3rd – B grade
Dave D 5th –  B grade

Sunday 31st January
SDVLCC Ron Williams KOM Race
Graham 4th – A grade
Dave D 5th – B grade
Michelle 3rd – F grade & KOM
Tanya 4th – F grade